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Anesthesiologist Near Me

Why Hire a Dentist Anesthesiologist for your Dental Office?

Anesthesia is very important for those who need to be unconscious or sedated for medical and dental procedures. Offering it at your dental office will bring in patients who otherwise would stay far away. However, you likely already know that getting the needed qualifications takes an investment of time and effort that may give you pause.

There is an excellent alternative to going back to school to add this skill to your personal repertoire. You can hire an anesthesiologist nearby to provide the service. Dr. Yancey is already fully qualified and ready to go, so you don't have to worry about training. Not only that, he has the experience needed to do the job right and put your patients at ease at the same time.

The best local dentist anesthesiologist in the Boulder, Colorado area started out as a dentist, and proceeded to add anesthesia to his skills soon after. By working with Dr. Yancey, you can offer dental anesthesia without having to go back to school yourself or send one of your assistants to learn the skill. This allows you to expand your offerings, and get more patients, without a huge investment in time or educational expenses.

Once you've begun working with this anesthesiologist near me, all you need to do to improve your business is let everyone know about the arrangement. Be sure to advertise the availability of the service so that anyone with dental phobia or other problems with wide-awake dentistry knows to come to your office. Soon, you should get interested callers asking for appointments or wanting more information. Then, you should have no trouble filling up more slots in your schedule.

To contact this anesthesiologist near me, call Mountain Dental Anesthesia in Colorado. The dentist anesthesiologist, Dr. Russell Yancey, performs both general anesthesia and sedation to meet the needs of as many patients as possible. He operates in Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, and "everywhere in between."

One of the things that makes Dr. Yancey the best local dental anesthesiologist is that he comes to your office. This keeps you and your patients in comfortable, familiar surroundings. It also makes it so that getting his services is convenient. Appointments are made in advance, and patient information is transmitted prior to the day of the procedure. Dr. Yancey can then ensure that the right anesthetics are brought along and that everything is set up properly. Be sure to schedule soon enough to ensure availability, and the process will go smoothly. Contact him today to learn more.

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