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Sedation Dentist

Why Should You Choose a Sedation Dentist?

Many people think of a sedation dentist as only being for those with extreme dental fears. However, most people are quite nervous when going to the dentist, and even if this doesn't result in total avoidance of the office, it can seriously delay the decision to get their teeth examined or have procedures done. Dental sedation is a great help to all of these patients.

If you've ever been nervous when calling the dentist for an appointment or when you're actually at the office, a sedation dentist may be just what you need. There are various levels of sedation available, so it can be tailored to your level of anxiety. If you're only a little nervous, then mild sedation is perfect. It uses anti-anxiety drugs to keep you calm enough to not mind the procedure.

Those who are more than a little nervous will find that deep sedation is better. To reach this level, stronger drugs are used, and you forget the procedure once they wear off. This is often called "twilight sleep" or "conscious sedation."

For those who are terrified of having any dental work done, full anesthesia may be recommended. This level of sedation puts you completely to sleep, so it is a form of general anesthesia. You won't be aware of anything while it is in effect, so there's no chance of panic attacks or other negative feelings. Once you wake up, the procedure will be over. It is the most fear-free option.

If your office doesn't currently offer dental sedation, ask them to bring in Mountain Dental Anesthesia. We offer mobile services, so we can come to your normal office to give you the sedation or anesthesia you need to get the dental procedures your oral health requires.

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