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Mobile Dental Anesthesia

A Mobile Dental Anesthesia Provider in Broomfield Lets You Offer Sedation Dentistry at Your Own Office

If you're a dentist, you have surely encountered patients who don't want to be awake for their procedures. However, meeting this demand is often difficult. If you don't have enough sedation patients, it isn't cost-effective to hire a staff anesthesiologist to serve them. Doing it yourself would require going back to school to gain the needed education and licensing, so that's unlikely to be a feasible option either.

The solution is to hire a mobile dentist anesthesiologist from Mountain Dental Anesthesia. Our dentist anesthesiologist, Dr. Yancey, travels to much of Colorado to provide services in dental offices. This lets you offer a wide variety of enhanced services without the need to have someone on your staff at all times.

One of the biggest reasons patients want to be unconscious during procedures is because they are fighting with dental phobias. Just the thought of having someone put a drill in their mouths, let alone do anything more, is enough to keep many of them from coming anywhere near your office. When you can reassure them that they won't have to be conscious of the parts that scare them, you can almost always talk them into coming in. This not only improves your business, but saves your patients from conditions that would otherwise become very painful.

Some patients need mobile dental anesthesia due to cognitive impairments. These impairments can make it hard for them to understand what you're trying to do, and this creates stress that can cause them to act out against you or otherwise resist treatment. As you can imagine, this creates a dangerous situation where your instruments could end up being knocked into damaging positions. The best way to avoid this risk is anesthesia, which will ensure that the patients remain still. Once it wears off, the procedure is already complete, so they experience far less stress, too.

In order to ensure that everything goes smoothly, you will need to book our mobile dental anesthetist far enough in advance to be sure that there'll be an opening. You or your patients will also need to provide medical information for the one getting the procedure done. This will ensure that our mobile dental anesthesia provider from Broomfield will be able to determine the appropriate level of anesthesia or sedation. 

Once your fearful patients experience proper dental anesthesia, they will no longer be afraid to come in. In fact, they may look forward to coming again.

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